Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is BlackDiamond_SpecialEa V7.5

BlackDiamond_SpecialEa V7.5 is an automated trading system, which allows making profit continuously to ur trading strategy.

It is the automated trading system?

Yes, it is 100% automated trading system.

What minimum deposit requires for BlackDiamond_SpecialEa?

Minimum deposit 100$ good enough to start trading.

Which broker BlackDiamond_SpecialEa suitable?

Any broker is suitable for BlackDiamond_SpecialEa V7.5

What type of account Ea can trade?

Any account type this special system can work.

Which pair suitable for trade by Special EA?

Any pair suitable for BlackDiamond_SpecialEa, specially EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, CADUSD.

What leverage need for Ea trading?

Any leverage, But best is 1:500.

For BalckDiamond_SpecialEA V7.5 what spread best?

Actually, BalckDiamond_SpecialEA V7.5 can effort any kind of spread, the max broker provides 10 to 16 spread for the pair, So it's really suitable for that spread.

It is long or scalping EA?

BalckDiamond_SpecialEA V7.5 based on both system. So this special system suitable for both trade.

Which version currently are you selling?

V7.5 currently we selling.

Is there any other version in the market of BalckDiamond_SpecialEA?

NO, There is no OTHER version in Market, Only V 7.5, Which is the latest.

Where you sell BlackDiamond_SpecialEa?

We sell Ea ONLY our web site, FACEBOOK, SKYPE & by EMAIL, TELEGRAM.

After buy if you update EA, Then get that latest version too?

Absolutely after buy, if we update any latest version like 8.00, 8.5 .... or more, We send you EA which is absolutely FREE of Cost.

What did you send after buy, How?

After buy send u full instruction of EA, How to install, Also set file for Long & Short Trade and.EXE file, Which is Forex Robot. By EMAIL

How long time need to get EA after buying?

After successful & confirm Payment, we will update our database and send BlackDiamond_SpecialEa to Ur email address within 24 hours.

Want to buy, What to do?

Go to pricing plans section, Chose which is suitable for u. make payments, after making payment inbox us in FACBOOK, SKYPE or EMAIL, TELEGRAM with ur MQL4 PLATFORM NAME & EMAIL address. We will send u ea to your email address.

How much risk need to take?

Actually in very low-risk setting with is 7% - 9%, Mid risk setting is 20% to 35%

Want to check your robot how its work. What needs to do?

Inbox us on facebook, skype, or in the email, Send u Ea for check/ make backtest to your broker.

And how much profit can except monthly Basic?

BalckDiamond_SpecialEA V7.5 can make average 30% to 90% minimum profit monthly basic If the market condition in Ea favor, This special system can make 120% to 150%.

Do You Think 20 to 40% monthly profit is Professiolan ?

Yes, Definitely. If some ea can make 20 to 40% in a month its really professional EA. and if market condition good then can make more. So yes it's really good EA.

I am very much interested in buy BlackDiamond_SpecialEa V7.5. But I don't have those payment options, What do I do?

For other payment option inbox us, we will figure it out. which is suitable for u. then u can easily transfer money.

Want Refund What Should Need To Do ?

Buy ea ur own risk. Our Policy has change due to some issue, we never refund money. after buy. Because... when ppl getting profit by our system they never follow our rule. they become greedy.. not use any sl.. not use any set file what we give to our client... so they trade by there own risk... so we give up our refund system. sorry for this inconvenient

Did Your System Really Wiped-Out Account Balance

Honestly, NO.. NOT... NEVER.... Each and every client gets our best set file also we provide recommended lot setting every time to our clients. So if client follow our rule they never lose Account Balance/ Money